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christian business conference in the UK

christian business conference in the UK

If you are looking for christian business conference in the UK then you have found the official UK website for the FGBMFI the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship INTERNATIONAL

At christian business conference meetings, Christian men from different denominations and 'work backgrounds' share how the power of God has transformed their lives in everyday situations in the UK

You can receive help, prayer for healing of the body, mind and spirit, and the empowering of the Holy Spirit from christian business conference, where you are in the UK.

A vital feature of christian business conference meetings is mentoring and training in how to share your faith with work colleagues and introduce them to Jesus Christ; so that they can know God’s power in their life.

christian business conference

The christian business conference is all about real life experiences.  What can be more relevant than sharing the experiences of men (and women), from all kinds of backgrounds in the UK, from marketing to plumbing, from farming to IT, from the boardroom to the unemployed.

You will meet men and women at christian business conference, who know the pressures in business today.  Through their personal stories, they share honestly how they have dealt with success that did not bring fulfilment, of failure that became the launch-pad for a new and purposeful life.

Married couples whose marriages were healed, addictions were overcome, business problems resolved, all through an encounter with a life transforming God, at one of christian business conference meetings.

christian business conference is the purpose and focus of the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International.  What began following a vision given to Demos Shakarian, a business man - dairy farmer, has now spread to 160 nations in every continent in the world, including the UK. The life changing story about christian business conference is told in the book "The Happiest People On Earth".


Through our christian business conference meetings in the UK we aim to:

  • Reach men in all nations for Jesus Christ
  • To reveal the power of Christ to men
  • Offer Christian Fellowship with christian business conference and mentoring for men in the UK
  • Bring greater unity to the Christian Church worldwide through christian business conference
  • Equip men to fulfill the Great Commission
  • christian business conference in the UK would like to meet you
  • To help women become the people God made them to be, one flesh with the husbands, with Christ at the centre of the marriage

[Picture: Lynn Heritage - International Director for UK & Ireland appointed by Richard Shakarian]

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Ladies of FGBMFI

Richard & Vangie ShakarianTraditionally, membership The FGBMFI's women's section, 'LADIES OF THE FELLOWSHIP', has been confined to the wives and daughters of members of FGBMFI in the UK & Ireland.  However, many faithful ladies have been regular supporters of the meetings and ministry of FGBMFI, without whose input many chapters would not now exist.

The primary ministry of Ladies of the Fellowship within FGB has been to:

* support and encourage the men of the Fellowship FGBMFI

* to regularly meet and pray for the effective work of their local Chapter, regionally and nationally  

* encourage women to bring their husbands and men into the Fellowship

* be involved in ministry alongside their husbands and the men of FGB at open (men & women) FGB events

In addition, to supporting the men at open FGB events, The Ladies of the Fellowship hold other women's events: coffee mornings or evenings, regional and national events for prayer, fellowship, sharing testimonies, teaching and developing ministries to women; all with the backing and approval of the Officers of the relevant local Chapter of FGB, Regional Council or National Council, as appropriate.

As the Ladies of the Fellowship grows and develops, the over-riding aim is to lift Jesus Christ higher and give glory to Him

We are given many challenges in the course of our lives. Each situation becomes an opportunity, designed by God, for us to grow in our faith and to reach out to those who do not know the Lord. When women teach women, they encourage each other. We find rare treasures as, together, we learn how wonderful and right our God is, and how much He loves and cares for us. Please join us as we love, learn, and lean on the Lord, seek to reap the harvest that is ready, and fully support FGB's vision from God for reaching men and women for Christ.

Ladies of the Fellowship Structure

Membership requests should be endorsed by the Local FGB Chapter and submitted to the FGB National Office. There is no set membership fee, but there are ongoing administrative costs, so donations are welcomed.
A membership pin is given to each new member of the Ladies of the Fellowship upon joining.
A register of members is kept by the National Office and the leader of any local Women of the Fellowship group should be: the wife of an FGBMFI member, approved by the officers of the local Chapter of FGBMFI, registered with the Fellowship and notified to the FGB National Office as the appointed leader

Men Only? Women Only?

The answer to this issue lies in the specific focus of Demos 's vision, which was to reach MEN for Christ when at the time it was mostly only faithful women who filled the pews in churches (as they still do in some churches even today).  Demos was sad that men hadn't heard the 'Good News'.  It is a widely accepted fact that most men prefer to be prayed for by other men and this being so, men only meetings should be encouraged as appropriate.  Similarly, women often respond better to a women minister and therefore also need their own separate, same sex meetings.

Men Only

For too long  however too many members have had the wrong kind of 'men only' approach to FGB which has at times constituted an offence to some women for which the leadership of FGB humbly apologise.  FGB does want to recognise faithful  ladies of the fellowship and to respond to the Holy Spirit initiatives they may receive, so we do sincerely urge you to please use the enquiry form to submit your suggestions to the leadership team.

Husband & Wife

The bible talks of husband and wife becoming 'one flesh' when they join together in Holy matrimony, therefore in God's eyes there is neither man nor women but 'mankind', two people acting as one.   Besides functioning as joint marital ministry, very many husband and wife teams also have individual ministries which fit each other's like a hand in a glove. 

Single Women

An anomaly has however arisen, whenever an unmarried, Holy Spirit led woman has felt called to support the vital work of FGBMFI in these end times (and may have being doing so consistently stalwartly for some time). Therefore, we are  now inviting and encouraging  such women to  seek membership of ' Ladies of the Fellowship '  in their own right, so they may now participate officially and do so fully with the exception of local group leadership positions, which remain confined to those who have FGBMFI husbands.

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[picture: Richard & Vangie Shakarian]





FGBMFI.org.uk - 25 July 2015


The domain name FGBMFI.org.uk is now back with International; the FGBMFI in the UK.



FGBMFI Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International in the UK

FGBMFI UK & Ireland


... and be part of a world-wide evangelistic ministry commissioned by Jesus to 'overcome them with the blood of the Lamb AND the power of YOUR testimony...'

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Dear Brothers & Sisters in the Lord,
We don’t want anyone to be misled with regard to their status in FGBMFI we want you to know that as far as FGBMFI is concerned you are still members and if you want to stay and serve the Lord through FGBMFI in these last days, you are very welcome.

Things cannot remain the same, for many years the leadership tried and failed to make our evangelistic outreach a success, this was not down to lack of effort, but FGBMFI in the UK, was estranged from the head of the fellowship and while committees are democratic, the Lord choses his man and the anointing flows down-line.   In effect we had been cut off from the anointing for many years and for this reason we were not seeing the salvations that we experienced in the early days of FGBMFI. If the decline we experienced was also in the rest of the world, we could take comfort, but in reality those countries that have remained true to the anointing, have experienced a harvest far beyond their expectations.

The structure of FGBMFI remains as before, with Regional Directors, Field Reps, Chapter Presidents, Chapter Officers and Members, but there is now a new training programme, where every man/women has the opportunity to grow in service to the Lord and where there is a high standard of excellence, which is reflected in every Chapter across the country. The National Directors does not focus on bylaws which only affect the UK, but are responsible for reaching souls in the territory to which they have been appointed and they implement through Chapters, instructions from the International, who are responsible for maintaining the mass continuation of soul saving worldwide.  Much of the pioneering work, in opening new Chapters is implemented at the Field Rep level, which also network with other organisations, in order to reach businessmen, while Chapter Presidents and Officers, make it their business to penetrate every aspect of their community, in order to reach as many of the lost as possible. 

Richard Shakarian will bring over Fire Teams to help implement the biggest evangelistic outreach, to kick start the success of FGBMFI in the UK. Richard Shakarian is not known to many members in the UK, but Richard is very much a peoples person and where we have started new chapters, we have been able to link up with Richard through the media of the Internet, in order to have a closer working relationship between Richard and all the fellowship members Internationally.

We continue to open Ladies Chapters and Youth Chapters, people are phoning who are being prompted of the Lord to ask for a Chapter in their town. Some of those towns that the Lord has laid upon our heart are remote and even small, but we are happy to come in-line with the Lords will.

We take seriously our calling in the Lord, to prepare men to serve in this end time harvest and therefore, we cannot continue the 'bless me clubs', where those attending are all Christians and there are no regular salvations. We are seeking men who will take their calling seriously and will put the Lords calling upon their lives above all else, so that they can reach their destiny.  Chapter will be encouraged by other Chapters to raise the standard of soul saving, in heaven there is always room for one more and God is not willing that any shall perish.

If you wish to remain in FGBMFI to serve the Lord in an organisation that was initiated by the Lord himself, then please make contact with us, so that we can get you added to the UK register and start in the 'harvest field'.

Please call Lynn Heritage on Office 01685 720070, Home 01685 377971, or e-mail lynn@fgbmfi.uk.com and we will get back to you in the shortest possible time. We look forward to serving with you and to making a massive impact in the UK, where everyone needs a relationship with God.
Your brother in Christ,

Lynn Heritage
FGBMFI National Director UK

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