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FGBMFI Vision - INTERNATIONAL VISION of the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International

The Vision of FGBMFI is an INTERNATIONAL VISION not just for the UK & Ireland, but for everyone across the world.

Demos Shakarian founder of FGBMFIDemos Shakarian

In the middle of the night as Demos prayed kneeling on the carpet in his living room, he received a vision. “The Vision” as told by Demos Shakarian (1952)

“My son, I knew you before you were born. I have guided you every step of the way. Now I am going to show you the purpose of your life."

Although I remained on my knees, I felt as if I were rising and moving up, away from the living room. Down below me I could see the roof tops of Downey. There were the San Bernardino Mountains, and over there the coast of the Pacific. Now I was high above the earth, able to see the entire country from west to east. Although I could see so far, I could also see people on the earth – millions and millions of people standing shoulder to shoulder.

Then, just as a camera can zoom in at a football game to show first the stadium, then the players, and then the very laces on the football, my vision seemed to move in on these millions. I could see tiny details of thousands and thousands of faces. And what I saw terrifed me. The faces were set, lifeless, and miserable. Though the people stood so close together, shoulders touching, there was no real contact between them. They stared straight ahead, unblinking, unseeing. What a shudder of horror, I realized that they were dead…

The vision changed. Whether the world was turning, or whether I was travelling around it, I didn’t know. But now beneath me was the continent of South America. Then on to Africa, Europe, Asia. Once more the startling close-ups occurred, and everywhere it was the same. Brown faces, black faces – every one rigid, wretched, each locked in his own private death.

“Lord!” I cried, “What’s the matter with them! Lord, help them!”

“My son, what you see next is going to happen very soon.”

The earth was turning – or I was moving around it – a second time. Below me again were millions upon millions of men. But what a difference! This time heads were raised. Eyes shone with joy. Hands were lifted towards heaven. These who had been so isolated, each in his prison of self, were linked in a community of love and adoration. Asia, Africa, America – everywhere – death had turned to life. And the Vision was over. I felt myself returning to my living room…”

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The purpose of FGBMFI is to 'empower men for life' and offer mankind the Full Gospel through a Business Men's Fellowship in an International way.

What began following a vision given to Demos Shakarian, a business man - dairy farmer, has spread to now over 220 nations in every continent in the world.

The life changing story is told in the book "The Happiest People On Earth".

Through our meetings we aim to:

  • Reach men in all nations for Jesus Christ
  • To reveal the power of Christ to men (including women)
  • Offer Christian Fellowship and mentoring for men (man, woman and child)
  • Bring greater unity to the Christian Church worldwide
  • Equip men to fulfil the Great Commission

Demos ministered with his wife Rose throughout the fellowship.  Richard ministers with his wife Vangie and Lynn ministers with his wife Yvonne ... the pattern continues.  When we marry, we become 'one flesh' and as a result, we are complete when we are with our spouce.  If you are married and invloved with the FGBMFI, may we encourage you to seek the Lord; and via the Holy Spirit, see if you too are being called to work alongside your spouce. 

Single men ... in the bible Paul speaks of single men and women being greatly blessed, in that 'they are free to respond quickly to needs' where as married couples may well have children to attend to first, prior to any additional ministry needs.

Wherever you find yourself and whatever you find you hand to do, do it well and unto the Lord.

Be blessed and be a blessing



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